Percabeth +

Art by the amazing Viria


do you think that they ever just have family movie nights

they’re watching the disney hercules movie

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Art by burdge | Colored by thetitancurse

(I used this as a reference)

Love is old, love is new

Love is all, love is you (x)


i just wanted to draw hazel in 40s and fortuneteller clothes AU where Hazel and her mother survive Alaska and eventually she takes over the family business 

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Piper warm up! This… she actually looks a little like me (?) hahahaha - well, no rainbow eyes obviously.


Colored a Piper doodle from my sketch book bc she’s one of my faves and I’m trying to decide how I like drawing her face.

doing this for sam (ily) (but not enough to make me pass this on) (just answering it) (hope u dont mind) (ily tho)

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