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Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

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The Lost Hero



Nico is relaxing in his house ~


"The big secret is that there isn’t really a way to bring the dead back to life." Bianca tells her, gently letting go of Hazel’s arms. "And when you try, you’ve just damned yourself twice. Once for you and once for the soul you try to bring back."

Hazel wipes at her face, and then turns, unable to meet Bianca’s dark, black eyes. “Then how are we here? Why are we here?”

"Well I’m here because of you." Bianca replies with a halfway smile. "And you’re here because of Nico. And we’re both here because of these," Bianca thumbs at her crown of bones and then Hazel’s—made of gold.

"What happens," Hazel says slowly, as if the thought is only just creeping into her mind, "if we take them off?"

Silently and without hesitation, Bianca reaches to her left hand and pulls her bracelet off. 

Hazel eyes widen in horror as Bianca’s arm begins to shake and then shrivel, skin straining against blood and tissue and muscle and then bone. 

A second later, Bianca waves nothing but a hand of bones at her and then puts the bracelet back on. Within a few moments it’s returned to normal. “I’m so not doing that with my head.”


A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt or not always knowing the answers, goes ahead and overcomes anyway. 

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I'll be around long after I die."

Mentions of Luke within The Heroes of Olympus [x]


Percy Jackson by Dhesia


AU where the Argo II is a night club located between two warring gangs, can i get a holla

no jk,  icons suggested by electrospider7813 when I made my Leo one. (btw I fixed Leo so he doesn’t have the puppy ears. I also gave him goggles instead of sunglasses, but if you guys prefer the one I have you can use that too!) Also wanted to thank everyone, I woke up this morning with 8000 followers ;A; i love you all

Heroes can not always save everyone